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3 arrowheads black obsidian for earrings & pendant set ae245
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3 arrowheads black obsidian for earrings & pendant set ae245


3 matching arrowheads black obsidian for earrings & pendant set replica for making your own custom jewelry set ae245.
1 small pair of black obsidian arrowheads for earrings plus a larger black obsidian arrowhead point for making a pendant for a necklace for a matched set, make your own matching jewelry set,earrings and a necklace reproduction replica arrowheads,you could wire wrap, put on bails or the hottest thing on the market is electroplating jewelry.

Make your own unique pair of earrings with a small pair of arrowheads,and a larger arrowhead to make a pendant for a necklace, your earrings or jewelry made your way matched set of arrowheads to make it your way.
1 pair of small arrowheads and a larger arrowhead for a pendant for you to customize for a necklace.

Arrowhead & spearhead collections and specialty arrowheads are hand picked for quality and color start a collection or add to your collections

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